Artwork Guidelines

If you are a graphic designer and you would like to submit your artwork to us, please read the following guidelines carefully before submitting your design
If you are not familiar with graphic design software don't panic! All you have to do is send us your logo and give us an idea of what size you would like your medals to be and we'll do the rest. There's no need for you to read the artwork guidelines below.

Parts of the artwork that are intended to print up to the trimmed edge of the medallion should be extended 2mm beyond the 'cut line' to give a 'bleed' (which allows for tolerance in the production process). Any text or images are recommended to be inset at least 2mm inside the cut line.

Colours & Colour Matching
Here at Medals International, we are able to design full colour medals for academic or sports from a variety of different colour standards. When specifying a colour you would like us to use for your medals, we can accept any of the following methods of colour specification:
CMYK (e.g. 2,11,100,0)
Hexadecimal (e.g. #ffd900)
RGB (e.g. 255,217,0)
HSB (e.g. 51°,100%,100%)
Pantone® colours*


Domed Stickers
















* We print in CMYK, if you supply us with a Pantone® colour we will try to match as closely as possible. RGB and other non-ink based colour systems will be converted to CMYK.

We have a vast library of thousands of fonts on our system. If you are supplying your artwork to us with a rare font, it is often best to outline (or 'convert to curves') before sending, removing the need for us to have the font on our system.

Submitting Files
We accept logos and medals designs in almost any format, but if the medals has been designed using a vector based program it is always best to prevent rasterising the design. As such, our preferred file formats are vector based and are listed below:
Other common but non-vector file formats include:
As previously mentioned, we can open almost anything. In the unlikely event that you send us a file that we cannot open, we will contact you about your options. We can currently accept files via email up to around 6MB.

Please Note
We may have to alter your design if it is not feasible to be do, such as if it contains pointed edges or tight internal radiuses. Corners must be rounded and need to have a minimum radius of around 1mm. Non-standard shaped medals that require intricate doming like stars, donut rings or text may be subject to extra charges - please contact us for a quote. All orders will be given a PDF proof before production which will show any of these changes. We are really happy to be able to offer a no-obligation free of charge artwork service to our customers. However, after the first free artwork for a given design, subsequent artworks or any further revision requested after the 1st revision will, at the customers approval, incurr a minimum design fee of $88AUD (Incl GST) per hour.